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This file contains definitions for HYPE's regional aquifer module, see code deepground (option 2) in the model options of info.txt and the corresponding process description in the aquifer section of the HYPE model description. Regional aquifers are linear reservoirs which connected to a group of sub-basins. These can add water, with IN and SP fluxes, to the aquifer through percolation from the deepest soil layer, and receive return flow into their main river volume. AquiferData.txt contains connection properties for sub-basins contributing to regional aquifers and generic properties for the aquifers themselves.

AquiferData.txt is a tab-separated file located in the modeldir folder. Sub-basins and aquifers are listed row-wise; one row for each subbasin recharging an aquifer or recieving return flow from an aquifer, and one row for each aquifer. The first row contains a column header with variable names. Variable names are not case-sensitive (max. 10 characters, no spaces). Columns with headings unknown to HYPE are skipped while reading the file, but must not longer than ten characters. Columns containing character strings, e.g. descriptive meta-data, must not exceed a length of 100 characters. The columns may be in any order. A value must exist for every column and row, i.e. empty cells are not allowed. This means that in the current form, zeros have to be filled in for all aquifer-related variables in sub-basin rows and vice-versa.

Example for an AquiferData.txt file with two aquifers and each two contributing sub-basins (no water quality parameters):

none 1500000     1        0         0        0        0        1     1       0       0     0      0
none 2000000     2        0         0        0        0        1     1       1       0     0      0
Aqu1 3500000     0     0.15       -55       -5       -7        0     1       0 3.5E-08    10      1
none 4000000     3        0         0        0        0        1     2     0.3       0     0      0
none 3200000     4        0         0        0        0        1     2     0.7       0     0      0
Aqu2 7200000     0     0.09       -20       -2       -4        0     2       0 1.5E-05     4      2

All AquiferData.txt variables are described in the table below.

Variable ID Unit Requirement Description
aquid-Allunique aquifer ID (integer), used to connect subbasins to aquifers. A subbasin can be connected to maximum one aquifer. (mandatory)
subid-Allsubbasin ID (integer). Zero has to be used for row which defines aquifer characteristics. (mandatory)
recharge-subbasinsubbasin contributes to aquifer recharge (0 = no, 1 = yes)
retfrac-subbasinsubbasin receive this fraction of the return flow from the aquifer (between 0 and 1)
topdepthaquiferdepth below surface of top of aquifer (negative m) (needed for nitrogen simulation)
basedepthmaquiferdepth below surface of base of aquifer where return flow ceases (negative)
passivedepmaquiferdepth below surface to bottom of aquifer, the aquifer water volume from basedepth to passivedep is passive and do not contribute to return flow (negative)
inidepthmaquiferinitial/average water table depth (below surface) of aquifer (negative)
porosity-aquiferaverage porosity of aquifer
aream2aquiferaquifer horizontal area, used together with inidepth to calculate initial aquifer volume
retrate-aquiferrecession coefficient for aquifer return flow (between 0 and 1)
delaydaysaquiferparameter for deep percolation delay (days until 63% (1-e-1) of the flow has gotten through)
parreg-aquiferparameter region for aquifer, separate from parreg in GeoData.txt (mandatory)
temp°Caquifertemperature of aquifer (constant), also initial value of aquifer T2-temperature
conc_INµg/Laquiferinitial concentration of inorganic nitrogen
conc_SPµg/Laquiferinitial concentration of soluble reactive phosphorus
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