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The file is located in the modeldir folder. The file is used in the parameter regionalization method for the calculation of regional parameters as a linear funtion of a set of catchment descriptors. This is used when model option regestimate is set in info.txt. This file contains catchment descriptors used for estimation of the regional parameters. The file reg_par.txt contains coefficients for the linear estimator for each group. Which catchments belong to which group is given in CatchGroup.txt.

The first row of the CatchDes.txt file gives the number of catchment descriptors (number of columns in the subsequent rows). Then follow one row for each subbasin with the values of the descriptors for the subbasin. The row must be in the same order as in GeoData.txt . No column heading or subid is given. The first column is always 1.0 and serves as an intercept in the linear estimator.

Example snippet of a CatchDes.txt file structure:

1.0	23.3	0.003
1.0	20.9	0.001
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