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If HYPE is run without argument, the program tries to find a file filedir.txt in the starting folder and read the path to info.txt there. It is possible to give the path as the only content of filedir.txt (and without the flag). Alternatively the arguments are given in filedir in the same way as on the command line:

HYPE takes two arguments: The search path to the folder where the info.txt file is stored which has to be given, and a sequence number which is optional.

flag argument
-infodir or -i path
-sequence or -s seqnr

The path can either be given as an absolute address or relative from the folder in which the program is started. The path may have a maximum of 200 characters and need surrounding apostrophes 'path' if blanks are included in the path. The search path should end with a slash. The sequence number is an integer between 0 and 999. The sequence number determines which forcing files to use. Seqnr 0 uses forcing files without sequence number.

Example of a filedir.txt file content:


Example of a filedir.txt file in Linux (to run files in the same folder as the program):

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