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In the basic case, forcing data time series are given for each subbasin. It is possible to use one time series of forcing to represent the conditions for several subbasins. In this case the forcing data time series are given an identification (obsid) separate from the subid. The ForcKey-file gives the coupling between subbasins and forcing data. It can also hold information about elevation for temperature observations (Tobs.txt) that will be used for temperature corrections with parameter tcobselev.

The file is optional and located in the forcingdir folder given in info.txt. You can use code readobsid in info.txt to use this file, but default is to use the file so it is not necessary to set the flag. Turning off readobsid will force HYPE not to read and use an existing ForcKey.txt file.

The file has column headings on first row, and data from second and onward. The number of data rows is assumed to be the same as in GeoData.txt. Missing values are not allow (program won’t check!). Columns with unknown column headings are skipped while reading the file and can be used for comments. Such columns must not contain more than 100 characters.

Column Format Description
subidintegerid number for subbasins (mandatory)
pobsidintegerid number for precipitation data (<100000000)
tobsidintegerid number for air temperature data (<100000000)
tobselevrealelevation of temperature observation in meter
sfobsidintegerid number for snowfall data (<100000000)
swobsidintegerid number for shortwave radiation data (<100000000)
uobsidintegerid number for wind speed data (<100000000)
rhobsidintegerid number for relative humidity data (<100000000)
tminobsidintegerid number for minimum air temperature data (<100000000)
tmaxobsidintegerid number for maximum air temperature data (<100000000)

ForcKey_nnn.txt holds information on forcing data - subbasin coupling for data of sequence with seqnr nnn. For seqnr 0 is ForcKey.txt used.

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