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This file contains definitions for HYPE's glacier module, see process descriptions in the glaciers section of the HYPE model description. Glaciers are a special class, and can vary in size within its class area fraction.

GlacierData.txt is a tab-separated file located in the modeldir folder. Sub-basins with glaciers are listed row-wise. The first row contains a column header with variable names. Variable names are not case-sensitive (max. 10 characters, no spaces). Columns with headings unknown to HYPE are skipped while reading the file, but must not longer than ten characters. Columns containing character strings, e.g. descriptive meta-data, must not exceed a length of 100 characters. The columns may be in any order. A value must exist for every column and row, i.e. empty cells are not allowed.

Example for a GlacierData.txt file with two glaciers:

Glac1 157     0        0
Glac2 277     1        0

All GlacierData.txt variables are described in the table below.

Variable ID Unit Description
subid-subbasin ID (integer) (mandatory)
glactype0/1The default type is glacier (0), the alternative type is ice cap (1)
logvolcorr-correction of volume-area relationship coefficient due to combining several glaciers into one class area (no correction=0)
slcdateYYYYMMDDdate for which glacier slc-fraction is representative
annualmbmm/yrannual mass balance for correction of initial volume
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