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 <m> SPATRB = {sum{j=1}{mj}{(cm_{j}-rm_{j})}}/​{delim{|}{sum{j=1}{mj}{rm_{j}}}{|}} </m> <m> SPATRB = {sum{j=1}{mj}{(cm_{j}-rm_{j})}}/​{delim{|}{sum{j=1}{mj}{rm_{j}}}{|}} </m>
 +Average Kling-Gupta efficiency (//​AVKGE//​):​
 +<m> AVKGE = {1/mj sum{j=1}{mj}{KGE_{j}}} </m>
 Median Kling-Gupta efficiency (//​MEDKGE//​):​ Median Kling-Gupta efficiency (//​MEDKGE//​):​
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