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The file holds the monthly average concentration of local runoff from land area (i.e. HYPE variable ID crun) for each subbasin. The concentration calculated by HYPE soil routines will be replaced by this concentration before the water enters the local stream of the subbasin. There is one file per substance and a file suffix NN (LeakageData_NN.txt) denote the substance, e.g. IN for inorganic nitrogen, ON for organic nitrogen etc.

Table with substances filesuffix and unit of their concentration in the file.

Suffix Substance Unit
INinorganic nitrogenmg/L
ONorganic nitrogenmg/L
SPsoluble reactive phosphorusmg/L
PPparticulate phosphorusmg/L
OCorganic carbonmg/L
SSsuspended sedimentmg/L
AEalgaemg N/L
T2water temperature°C

LeakageData.txt is a tab-separated file located in the modeldir folder. Sub-basins are listed row-wise. The first row contains a column header with months. The rows contain concentrations for January to December for each subbasin. The first column contain subid as an integer. The second to 13th columns contain monthly values of concentration. A value must exist for every column and row, i.e. empty cells are not allowed.

Example snippet of LeakageData.txt file structure:

month     1      2      3   ...
1001      35.2   17.9   17.8
1002      37.9   11.2   15.3
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