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File with rootzone leakage concentration for each land class. The concentration is provided as average daily mean as one constant or as typical monthly values. One file per substance and class which is specified as special class 6 (rootzone leakage soilmodel) is needed, except for T2. NN in the file name stands for the substance code (IN=inorganic nitrogen, ON=organic nitrogen, SP=soluble phosphorus, PP=particulate phosphorus, OC=organic carbon, SS=suspended sediments, AE=algae nitrogen, DS=dissolved silica, AS=algae silica, T1=tracer) and NNN for the slc number. Unit is mg/L for nutrients and other substances except for T1, which has the general unit uU/L.

The rootzone leakage of classes is used when modelling soil substances with the rootzone leakage model. For this model concentration is applied to all water leaving the rootzone. Processes are simulated in the third soil layer, and there concentration can decay with a rate depending on substance.

The file comes in two versions, one for each of modeloption soilleakage 4 and 5. Soilleakage model 4 uses constant leakage concentration, while soilleakage model 5 has typical monthly concentrations for the simulation period. For both file types the first row is headings. The first column is subid, the second to thirteenth column is monthly values or in the case of constant concentration the second column hold these. If T2 is simulated it does not use/need a file. The file is located in the forcingdir folder (which is set in info.txt).

Example of file for soilleakage model 5; LeakIN_SLC001.txt:

SUBID	1	2	3	4	...       12
101	0	1	1	0	
202	1	1	1	0	
203	0	2	2	2	
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