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This file contains information about output regions. Output regions are used to calculate the average for other (larger) areas from subbasin results, e.g. for grid squares. The average is calculated based on subbasin and weights defined in this file Outregions.txt. For example if you want to have the average snow over three subbasins you give them weight according to their area fraction of the region. If you want other region, e.g. only part of the subbasin area to be included, you give other weights. The regional average is calculated simply based on given weight and the subbasin value.

Outregions.txt is a tab-separated file located in the modeldir folder. Output regions are listed row-wise. The first row contains a column header with column names. Column names are not case-sensitive (max. 10 characters, no spaces). Columns with headings unknown to HYPE are skipped while reading the file, but must not longer than ten characters. Columns containing character strings, e.g. descriptive meta-data, must not exceed a length of 100 characters. A value must exist for every column and row, i.e. empty cells are not allowed. Set subid and weight to zero if the number of subbasins included are less for one or more regions.

Example of a Outregions.txt file:

outregid xcoord ycoord subid_1 weight_1 subid_2 weight_2 subid_3 weight_3
1        5.5    4.4    748     0.5      22524   0.5      0       0
2        6.5    3.4    4869    0.4      22538   0.3      4790    0.3

Columns of the file is compiled to the table below.

Code Requirement Description
outregid mandatory output region id, must not overlap with subids (integer < 107)
xcoord optional coordinate
ycoord optional coordinate
zcoord optional coordinate, could be elevation above sea level
subid_N mandatory subid of included subbasins, N is numbered 1 and up, set zero if not used
weight_N mandatory weight of the subid with corresponding N
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