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This file contains a selection of SUBIDs of a HYPE model domain, and is used to run an area of interest of an existing model setup separately. The name “pmsf” is short for “partial model setup file”.

The file must be placed in the same folder as info.txt. To run a partial model with the SUBIDs given in pmsf.txt, use code submodel in info.txt.

SUBIDs provided in the file must represent “ complete basins”, i.e. include all upstream sub-basins and also all basins linked through irrigation sources in MgmtData.txt or through regional aquifers in AquiferData.txt.

pmsf.txt are simple text files with the total number of sub-basins in the area of interest written in the first line, and whitespace-separated SUBIDs listed from row 2. There is no limit in number of rows with SUBIDs (line breaks are treated as whitespace), and SUBIDs can be listed in any order. SUBIDs listed must be a selection of those provided in GeoData.txt).

Example for a pmsf.txt file structure with 8 sub-basins:

345 456 464 579 204
496  56 654
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