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The respar.txt file mostly holds the resulting optimal parameter values after an automatic calibration. Generally only calibrated parameters is printed in the file, but if a parameter is only calibrated for one or a few of the parameters dependencies (soil types/land uses/regions/etc) values will still be printed for all of them.

The file is located in the resultdir folder given in info.txt. The first row of the file is a comment row. After that the file contains one parameter per row with name and values for all of the parameter's dependencies. Definition of parameters is found in the section for par.txt.

When Monte Carlo simulation is used for calibration, the parameters from the best (according to the objective function given in info.txt) simulation are printed to respar.txt. Parameter values from the rest of the simulations, or the other N best simulations depending on settings in optpar.txt, are written to the file bestsims.txt. When the DEMC method is used for calibration, the median parameters of the last generations simulations are printed to respar.txt.

Example of a respar.txt file:

 Optimal value of parameters found during automatic calibration
cevpcorr         -0.2695302
pcaddg           -0.1540260
rivvel            2.9619985
ttmp              0.5000000        6.0000000        0.5000000        0.5000000        1.9998100        0.5000000       -1.6239488        0.5000000        0.5000000        0.5000000
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