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This file contains data on rating curves used to calculate water level in main river from the flow. Several alternative methods can be used, see River rating curve.

RiverRatingCurveData.txt is a tab-separated file located in the modeldir folder. The file hold one rating curve on each row. The first row contains a column header with variable names. Variable names are not case-sensitive (max. 10 characters, no spaces). Columns with headings unknown to HYPE are skipped while reading the file, but must not longer than eleven characters. Columns containing character strings, e.g. descriptive meta-data, must not exceed a length of 100 characters. The columns may be in any order. A value must exist for every column and row, i.e. empty cells are not allowed.

Example snippet of a RiverRatingCurveData.txt file structure, showing a single rating curve for subbasin 201 and two rating curves for subbasin 202, one for free flow and one for ice-conditions, default ice condition rating curve for subbasin 203 and sectorial rating curve for subbasin 204:

201   1         0.5 2   1.5 0         0    0
202   2         0.5 2   1.5 0         0    0
202   2         0   1.5 1.5 1         0    0
203   2         0   1.5 1.5 0         0    0
204   3         0   1.5 1.5 0         0    10
204   3         0   11. 1.  0         10   100

The table below describes the columns of RiverRatingCurveData.txt read by HYPE.

Variable ID Unit TypeOfRRC Description
SUBID - all Subbasin id for the location of main river with this rating curve.
TYPEofRRC - 0-3 The type of river rating curve. Alternatives are; 1 = a single rating curve, 2 = different curves used for ice- and icefree-conditions, give one for icefree-conditions and one for ice-conditions, or give only one curve for icefree-conditions, then ice-condition curve has k same as icefree and p=1, 3 = sectorial curve; different parameters for different water levels, and 0 = missing, no water level is calculated.
w0ref m 1,2(only ice-free),3 level coefficient of rating curve equation; q=k*(w-w0)p, in reference system of river water level
k - all rate coefficient in rating curve equation (k); q=k*(w-w0)p
p - all exponent of rating curve equation (p); q=k*(w-w0)p
iceseason - 2 code for season rating curve; 0 = valid for icefree conditions, 1 = valid for ice conditions (optional)
wmin m 3 Minimum water level this curve is valid in reference system of river water level (m) (optional)
wmax m 3 Maximum water level this curve is valid in reference system of river water level (m) (optional)
unitconv ? all factor for transformation of unit from m to local gauge's unit, e.g. 100 cm/m (optional)
gaugezero m all location of zero of local reference system (given in reference system used for w0ref) (optional)
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