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This is a file with an assessment of each subbasin's performance, or each output region if regional output variables are used. The file is located in the resultdir folder. One file is printed for each unique combination of simulated and recorded variable among the performance criterion included in the objective function given in info.txt. X is the ordinal number of the performance criterion and the subbasin assessment is calculated for the same variables as that performace criterion. If more than nine criteria are included, the following are denoted by capital letters. Definitions of equations for calculating the criteria is found here. Settings in info.txt decide which performance criteria is written.

When ensemble or sequence simulations are made, the results from simulations (I=1 .. n or I=sequence number>0) are written to files named subassX_00I.txt. For a Monte Carlo calibration n is defined by num_ens in optpar.txt. For a DE calibration n is num_ngen plus one, where the first one is a simulation with median of the others parameter values.

For the calculation of criterion for lake water stage, the combination of variables wcom and wstr are exchanged for the internal variables clwc and clws by the program. These variables are the water stages cleaned from w0ref reference level (clwc=wcom-w0ref, clws=wstr-w0ref). This makes the criterion calculation more accurate, but note that relative criteria, e.g. relative bias, are relative to the smaller cleaned water stage level.

The first row of the file let you know the average period (0=timesteply, 1=daily, 2=weekly, 3=monthly, 4=yearly) used for calculation of the values that are compared in the criteria. This period corresponds to the setting meanperiod in info.txt. Variable names and unit of the variables are also listed on row one. The second row is column headings. Thereafter follow subbasins which has observations, one on each row. The data limitation for calculating the subbasin criteria is the same as that of the calibration criteria. This limitation is not used for calculation of minimum and maximum values though. Missing values are indicated as -9999. Note: minimum and maximum values are based on the average period, e.g. maximum of monthly average flows.

Columns of subassX.txt:

Header Unit Description
SUBID / OUTREGID - subbasin id (as defined in GeoData.txt) or outregion id (as defined in Outregions.txt)
NSE - Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency
CC - Pearson correlation coefficient (part 1 of Kling-Gupta efficiency)
RE(%) % relative bias in mean
RSDE(%) % relative bias in standard deviation
Sim in first row mean of simulated variable
Rec in first row mean of observed variable
SDSim in first row standard deviation of simulated variable
SDRec in first row standard deviation of observed variable
MAE in first row mean absolute error
RMSE in first row root mean square error
Bias in first row bias
SDE in first row bias of standard deviation
KGE - Kling-Gupta efficiency
KGESD - part 2 of Kling-Gupta efficiency (std-quotient)
KGEM - part 3 of Kling-Gupta efficiency (mean-quotient)
NRMSE - normalised root mean square error
NSEW - Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency adjusted for bias
Nrec - number of observations
MinRec in first row minimum value of observed variable
MaxRec in first row maximum value of observed variable
MinSim in first row minimum value of simulated variable
MaxSim in first row maximum value of simulated variable

Example of subass1.txt:

 Subbasin assessment. Criteria is calculated for period 1. Variables: rout, cout  Unit: m3/s  
112	0.5071	0.721	22.6492	-68.38	0.058	0.0472	0.0681	0.1	0.0385	0.072	0.0131	-0.0132	0.5182	0.6781	1.2265	0.0662   0.5122   783
135	0.722	0.8811	-20.802	0.3982	0.3081	0.3887	0.4089	0.4071	0.1464	0.2143	-0.0811	0.0021	0.76	1.004	0.7922	0.0752   0.7223   1052
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