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The file is created in the same folder as info.txt is located. The file is written during simulation with information on tests performed on setup- and observation files. Choices can be made on what to do if errors occur (e.g. exit on errors or continue regardless of passed or failed tests). The level of printouts to the file is set in the info.txt file.

Tests will be performed on various hydrological processes as well as model options. Passed or failed tests are shown along warning messages and error messages. The tests are divided into sections;

  • observations,
  • tests during loading of indata files,
  • generic tests (often related to a specific indata file),
  • processes related tests.

The observation test can take a long time if the files are big. For a small model (nsub=500) or a big model (nsub=40000) with short forcing data series (a couple of months) the tests took around 4 s, while with 60 years of forcing the big model took 4 min for running the tests.

The test file is divided into the above sections and have in the end a summary of the status and number of failed sections. In the end, after all test results have been summarized, the test during loading may be printed once again to be on the safe side for irregular ending of the program. The process related tests are grouped according to substance and location similar to the wiki, i.e. it starts with water - processes above ground and ends with tracers T1 and T2. Many headings have no tests reported yet. Although all model options and many generic tests have been added already, the work continues to add tests for all processes and substances. A list of tests available can be found under the code description Test list.

Each test reported in the file starts by giving its status, [Passed] or [Failed], followed by the name of the test. If more information has been asked for;

  • a list of parameters, indata or other specifics are given with its status
  • the values of data tested, either as a range or each value for model parameters
  • tests with no values to report are listed as incorporated when performed
  • INFO: columns ignored are reported when reading indata files; headings and as data: the format of all columns (0=string, 1=integer, 2=real)

If a sequence number (seqnr) was given when starting the simulation (see How to run HYPE), the seqnr is used in the file name. For other simulations the seqnr is 000. The date and time of the file name is for the creation of the file.

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