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The file is located in the modeldir folder and contains information on updating of modeled fluxes using observations. This means that the values (e.g of flow or water stage) are changed for the rest of the simulation. The file holds the subbasins that will be updated (the order is irrelevant). Only subbasins which are to be updated have to be listed here. Updating is activated through codes in info.txt.

update.txt is a tab-separated text file. The first row contains column headings, following rows hold data. Comment columns are allowed and ignored by HYPE, but the total number of columns must not exceed 20. A text column may contain at most 100 characters.

The following columns are read by HYPE:

Column ID Format Description
arfact0-1AR-factor for updating method qar for discharge and war for discharge
subidintegersubbasin ID (mandatory)
quseobs0/1status for discharge updating with the quseobs method
qarupd0/1status for discharge AR-updating with the qar method
tpcorrfractionchange in SP and PP concentration out of subbasin, e.g. -0.1 for 10% reduction
tncorrfractionchange in IN and ON concentration out of subbasin
tploccorrfractionchange in SP and PP concentration out of local river
tnloccorrfractionchange in IN and ON concentration out of local river
warupd0/1status for discharge updating with waterstage AR-method
wendupd0/1status for waterstage updating with the wendupd method
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