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 +====== VWobs.txt ======
 +The v-component of wind speed is an optional forcing data. It is the southerly wind and goes south to north. It can be used for calculation of snowfall distribution. ​
 +The file is located in the ''​modeldir''​ folder. V-component of wind speed (//m/s//) is given for all time steps. No
 +missing values may exist (program won’t check!). The //​VWobs-file//​
 +is read only if ''​readvwobs''​ is set in [[start:​hype_file_reference:​info.txt|info.txt]].
 +The first row is column headings. It holds a text string (e.g. '​date',​ no spaces allowed) for the first column, and integers in the form of station or subbasin ID numbers for the rest of the columns. ​
 +The first column is date-time. The default format is yyyy-mm-dd [HH:MM], where hour and minutes are necessary if the timestep is shorter than one day. The date-time is the beginning of the timestep. It is possible to use another date-time format: yyyymmdd[HHMM]. It is expected for all forcing files, if ''​readformat 1''​ is set in [[start:​HYPE_file_reference:​info.txt|info.txt]]. ​
 +The second to last columns are wind for all stations or subbasins. The ID number (first row) may be ''​vwobsid''​ or ''​subid''​. If ''​vwobsid''​ is used, several subbasins may use the same wind time series. ''​subid''​ is defined in [[start:​HYPE_file_reference:​GeoData.txt|GeoData.txt]]. The order of subbasins in //​VWobs.txt//​ does not have to be same as in [[start:​HYPE_file_reference:​GeoData.txt|GeoData.txt]]. ''​vwobsid''​ may be defined in [[start:​HYPE_file_reference:​forckey.txt|ForcKey.txt]].
 +Example snippet of //​VWobs.txt//​ file:
 +  date         ​1234 ​ 1245 
 +  1990-01-01 ​  ​0.7 ​    ​0.75  ​
 +  1990-01-02 ​  ​0.8 ​    ​0.65 ​
 +  ... 
 +//​VWobs_nnn.txt//​ holds v-component wind speed forcing data for sequence with seqnr nnn. For seqnr 0 //​VWobs.txt//​ is used.
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