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 +====== Wobs.txt ======
 +The //​Wobs.txt//​ file may holds observations of outlet lake water stage for selected points in the model domain. The water stage observations may alternatively be given in [[start:​hype_file_reference:​xobs.txt|Xobs]],​ but not in both files. The subbasin id (''​subid''​ from [[start:​hype_file_reference:​geodata.txt|GeoData.txt]]) is used to couple the observations to the model. When refering to observed water stage for output or criterion calculation the [[start:​hype_file_reference:​info.txt:​variables|HYPE variable ID]] ''​wstr''​ correspond to the data of the //Wobs.txt // file.
 +The file is located in the forcingdir folder set in [[start:​hype_file_reference:​info.txt|info.txt]]. Water stage (//m//) is given for consecutive
 +timesteps for selected subbasins for a continuous time period which
 +doesn’t need to cover the whole simulation time period. Missing values is denoted -9999.
 +The first rows of the file may be comment rows. They begin with '​!!'​ to identify them as comment rows to be skipped when reading the file. The first row after the comment rows gives which subbasin (subid in GeoData.txt) the column’s data is given for. The date column may in this case belong to subbasin 0 (may not be omitted). The first column is date in the format ''​yyyy-mm-dd [HH:​MM]''​. If set in [[start:​hype_file_reference:​info.txt|info.txt]] that matlab-format should be read (''​readformat 1''​) the date format is instead ''​yyyymmdd[HHMM]''​. The second to last columns are observations for selected subbasins (i.e. not all subbasins are required).
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