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There are 20 HYPE variable IDs defined to be used for evaluating miscellaneus variables. These variables can be used for different observations that has not a designated HYPE variable ID already defined. There are two types of variables xom and xos, 10 of each numbered 0 to 9. The difference between the two types are that xom is averaged over time when a mean period is asked for (e.g. like soil moisture), while the other xos, is summed over time for the mean period (e.g. like runoff).

The files are located in the forcingdir folder. Variable of user choice is given for all time steps. Maximum 10 variables/files may be used. One file per variable. The variables are called xos0-xos9. The variable can be used for criterion calculation and is summed over meanperiod. The first row is a comment row. The second row includes a text string (e.g. date, no spaces allowed) and then subbasin ids (subid). The first column holds date in the format yyyy-mm-dd. If set in info that matlab-format should be read (readformat 1) the date format is instead yyyymmdd. The second to last columns hold data values for all or selected subbasins. The order of subbasins does not have to be same as in GeoData.txt. The file is read only if so set in info.txt (readxomsfiles Y).

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