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            ​({soillayerdepth(k)} - streamdepth) </m>            ​({soillayerdepth(k)} - streamdepth) </m>
   ​   ​
 +If the frozen soil model is used, it influences in two ways; one, the water available for runoff is reduced to the liquid fraction, and two, the frozen water is assumed to expand possibly increasing the water level in the soil.
 |{{:​start:​hype_model_description:​runofffromthird_layer.png?​400|}}| |{{:​start:​hype_model_description:​runofffromthird_layer.png?​400|}}|
 |Figure 6: Runoff from the third soil layer with a stream.| |Figure 6: Runoff from the third soil layer with a stream.|
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