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Parameter ensemble simulation

A parameter ensemble simulation may be used to simulate (more) results of an automatic calibration that has resulted in a set of best parameters. A parameter ensemble simulation may be used to simulate, with output of results, all parameters sets that has been used during calibration with an MonteCarlo method. A parameter ensemble simulation may be used to simulate a set of parameters provided from outside HYPE.

The parameter ensemble simulation is set in info.txt parensemble Y. It cannot be used at the same time as an automatic calibration calibration N. There are three alternatives to provide parameter sets for parameter ensemble simulation. They can be provided through bestsims.txt, allsim.txt or as a set of numbered par.txt files (par_001.txt, par_002.txt etc.). If separate par-files is to be used, no additional information has to be given. If the alternative of bestsims or allsim is used, the optpar.txt file have to have the same settings for calibration parameters as the optpar.txt file used to create them. This so that HYPE can understand which parameters (and landuse or soil type) the parameter values in the file belongs to. In addition the criteria given in the info.txt file need to be kept, or at least be the same number of unique variable combinations, as when the allsim or bestsims file was created.

To run a parameter ensemble simulation based on allsim.txt or bestsims.txt additional information is needed in the optpar.txt file to determine which source to use. If you want to use the parameters in bestsims.txt set task BS, and if you want to use the parameter sets in allsim.txt set task AS. If you want to use par.txt files, do not set any of these two tasks in optpar.txt. The bestsims.txt, allsim.txt and separate par-files are read from modeldir.

Example of a optpar.txt file for simulation of bestsims.txt.

task        MC
task        WA
task        BS
num_mc      30
num_ens     5
num_zoom    0.8


sedon	  0.0005
sedon     0.05
sedon	  0.0001

The old settings of optpar.txt can be left untouched for a parameter ensemble simulation, they will not be used. They can give information on how the parameters were created. A caution, it can be confusing to someone reading the file though.

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