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Transfer multi-basin lakes to HYPE version 5.11.0

In HYPE version 5.11.0 the function of multi-basin lakes has been changed. HYPE will strive to have a equal water level in all lakebasins belonging to the same lake. This means that although the upstream-downstream connection between lakebasins should be the main direction of flow sometimes the flow between lakebasins may go in the other direction and the output variable cout will then be negative.

There are two main differences between the old and new lakebasins in LakeData.txt.

  1. The ldtype is changed to 7 for the new lakebasins
  2. The outflow information (reference water level, rating curve and regulation parameters) are given on the lakebasin 's row that have the outlet.

The main outflow information was earlier given on a separate row for the multi-basin lake. The separate row should no longer be used (ldtype 2). It held information on the main outflow of the lake and left the lake through the last lakebasin (earlier ldtype 4). Data in columns w0ref, rate, exp, deltaw0, qprod1, qprod2, datum1, datum2, qamp, qpha, regvol, wamp, limqprod is moved from the multi-basin lake row to the row of the last lakebasin. The area of the multi-basin lake is no longer an input, but calculated from the sum of lakebasin areas.

If there are branches from other lakebasins than the last one that leave the multi-basin lake, they now need to have specified outflow information. Earlier they were calculated as a fraction of the flow leaving the lakebasin ((1-mainpart) in BranchData.txt). That is not possible anymore, additional outlet of a lakebasin lake now need to be specified in LakeData.txt.

All lakebasins will have the same ldtype (7). The last lakebasin (GeoData order) will be identified by HYPE. All lakebasins of a multi-basin lake need to be connected by maindown or branchdown. No subbasins without lakebasin or with a lake belonging to other lake/multi-basin lake are allowed in between the subbasins of lakebasins. Note that lakebasins belonging to different multi-basin lakes should not be mixed in GeoData.txt, i.e. all lakebasins of a multi-basin lake need to be following each other in GeoData without any other lakebasins in between (mixing with subbasins without lakes or with simple lakes are ok though). This might cause problems.

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