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HYPE variable descriptions

This section gives and overview over the most common used variables in HYPE. For a complete description of variables see HYPE variable IDs or FileReference.pdf available at HYPE Open Source Community.

Input variables

Output variables

List of variables for which output can be written from the HYPE-model. The type column states the type of mean period calculation. AVE means that the variable is averaged over the time step or period. SUM means that the variable is summed over the time step or period.

Variable Explanation Type More information
COUTSimulated outflow from an olake (m3/s)AVERouting
CPRCInput precipitation data adjusted according to HYPE parameters.SUMTemperature and precipitation
CRUNCalculated runoff from land (mm)SUMLand routines
CROSSimulated surface runoff (mm)SUMLand routines
CTMPInput data on temperature 2 meters above the ground adjusted according to HYPE parameters. AVETemperature and precipitation
EPOTPotential evaporation.SUMEvaporation
EVAPActual evaporation.SUMEvaporation
IRRAApplied irrigation water to the soil (m3).SUMIrrigation
PRECPrecipitation (mm).SUMTemperature and precipitation
SDEPSnow depth for the landarea of the subbasin.AVESnow routines
SMDFSoil moisture deficit to field capacity of upper two soil layers (mm)AVELand routines
SMRZSoil moisture storage in the root zone.AVELand routines
SRFFSoil moisture in the root zone (upper two soil layers) (not including standing water) as fraction of the field capacity (wcfc).AVELand routines
TEMPTemperatur (degrees celsius).AVETemperature and precipitation
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