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This binary file holds an ensemble of model states for data assimilation. They are used to restart the data assimilation from a previous saved state. To use the files set indaensstate in info.txt. For this version of saved ensemble three files are used (ensXstates_yyyymmdd[HHMM].bin, ensFstates_yyyymmdd[HHMM].bin, ensAstates_yyyymmdd[HHMM].bin); one for model states, one for forcing variables and one for auxiliary variables. Alternatively the states can be saved as one file for each variable (nnnnnn_yyyymmdd[HHMM].bin). Which version of file format to use is set in AssimInfo.txt by G_USEBINX and G_USEBINFA.

The files to be used as starting states are located in the forcingdir. The files written for later use as starting states are found in the resultdir.

In addition files of the same format without date-time stamp can be found in the resultdir. These files are used during a simulation to temporary hold the ensemble states. There is an option in AssimInfo.txt to save the ensemble states to binary files instead of keeping them in memory.

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