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This file hold information about irrigation.

The first row contains column headings. These may be maximum 10 characters long and may not include white space. They are read in by the program which then matches the column’s data with the correct variable. The column headings may be large or small letters. Columns may be in any order. Unknown column names are skipped while reading. Such text column may contain at most 100 characters.

One row is required for each irrigated subbasin, as well as for each subbasin acting as a regional source.


Column Format Description
subidintegersubbasin ID (mandatory)
gw_partfractionfraction of irrigation water withdrawn from groundwater
irrdam0/1a dam in this subbasin may be used for irrigation only if irrdam is set to 1. Irrdam regulates olake and ilake for local withdrawals, but only olake for regional source withdrawals.
regsrcidintegerthe subid of the subbasin that is a regional source of irrigation water for this subbasin
local_efffractionefficiency of the local irrigation network (within the subbasin). local_eff is the fraction that infiltrates the soil (must be >0, default is 1)
region_efffractionefficiency of the regional irrigation network (withdrawals from another subbasin), fraction reaching the local irrigation network (must be >0, default is 1)
demandtypeintegertype of equation for water demand (1=constant, 2=soil water deficit, 3=threshold dependent).
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