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Forcing data in the form of netcdf files. These are used if readformat is set to 4 in info.txt. Forcing data files are Pobs, Tobs, TMAXobs, TMINobs, SWobs, SFobs, RHobs, Uobs, UWobs, and VWobs.

The format described below allow for additional attributes. For forcing data, global attributes like title, source, and institution, may be useful.

HYPE netcdf input format - version 0.2

Filename: - where NN is the forcing variable short name, e.g. 'P' or 'TMAX' and NNobs the forcing variable filename


time and id


vvvv - vvvv is the forcing variable filename, e.g. 'pobs', a float

time - time denoting beginning of timestep, a double

id - subid or obsid, an int


Global attributes:

None required

Attributes for HYPE variable:

_FillValue - e.g. 1.E20

Attributes for time variable:

units - e.g. seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00

calendar - e.g. 'standard'

axis - T (not required)

Attributes of id:

None required

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