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How to transfer point sources to PointSourceData.txt

If you have point sources in your GeoData.txt file, these will not be read for future HYPE versions. This document will show how you transfer your point sources to the PointSourceData.txt file. There are two main differences between point sources in GeoData.txt and PointSourceData.txt that you need to be aware of:

  1. In GeoData.txt you will have columns with point source data for all subbasins (i.e. many have zeros). The PointSourceData.txt file will only hold data for the subbasins where you actually have point sources.
  2. In GeoData.txt the different types of point sources (i.e. 1-3 e.g. waste water, industry, stormwater) are given in different columns. In PointSourceData.txt these will be given on different rows, and the type will be given in an additional column.

Step-by-step transfer of point sources

Create PointSourceData.txt from a copy of the GeoData-file. Remove all columns except subid and those related to point sources (those starting with psN_, N=1-3). Remove all rows with subbasins that only have zero for the point source columns. Duplicate (or triplicate) rows that have more than one type of point source that is non zero. Add a column named ps_type. Add columns for the point source data (i.e. ps_vol, ps_tpconc, etc.) in PointSourceData.txt.

For each row that is not duplicated; Set the ps_type to the type of the non-zero point source (e.g. ps2_vol give ps_type 2). Copy of move the data from old columns to new columns.

→ ps_type N

psN_vol → ps_vol

psN_tp → ps_tpconc

psN_sp → ps_spfrac

psN_tn → ps_tnconc

psN_in → ps_infrac

For each row that is duplicated (or triplicated); Set the type and copy the non-zero point source data as above, one point source type per row.

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